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Personal Training Before And After

Amazing transformations. 

Before & After's

 Before & After

You lost an inch over all and 8 lbs since January. However since we started you lost 10% body fat. Gained 4 lbs of muscle. Lost 29 (But 33 lbs of fat.) And dropping from a 32.7 BMI to 28.3. Which drops you down in BMI categories too.

 Before & After

In just over a year you have lost over 25.75 total inches, gained a ton of muscle and drop from a 35.7 BMI to 28.7. This drops you down in BMI categories too. While increasing your strength conditioning (sit-up and push-up tests which we should update) and cardio, Miss Running at 6. :) Keep up the amazing dedication.

Amazing changes. Notice the glutes and abs on the side profile photos. Just think of how much you have done with some of the obstacles you have the last 2 months. :)

Neck - Lost 3/4 inch
Chest - Lost 2 inches
Waist - Lost 3 inches
Hips - Lost 2.5 inches
Thigh - Lost 3/4 inch
Total of 9 inches in less then 2 months!


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